The Hook

Treasure. Untold secrets of power and wealth. Artifacts beyond imagine. characters provide self motivators. The party has adventured together in some form or another for a year or two now.

A cleric of Muir has located in the temple archives a set of orders issued by Zelkor during the Battle of Tsar that somehow survived and were transported back to civilized lands. These orders detail the assignment of the paladin lord Bishu and his company, adherents to the faith of Muir, to hold the city of Tsar and await relief from the Army of Light. Lord Bishu was always thought lost in the Dungeon of Graves like the rest of the Army of Light. The fact that he never returned and the possibility that he or some of his command may have survived for some time at Tsar holding to their duty has ignited the church hierarchy. What did Bishu accomplish during his time in the city? Do his bones, surely now sacred relics of the church, still rest there awaiting repatriation? Could he or any of his knights somehow by the grace of the gods have survived all the intervening span of years and man their posts still awaiting relief? The church cannot afford to send any of its own on a possibly foolhardy mission into unknown danger with only a small hope of success, but adventuring parties are often to known to undertake such assignments.

The company you work for
Giant Adventuring Company Inc. Has been tasked with the outlined goal. All loot recovered except for the bones of Lord Bishu are yours to take. The company will pay each member of the party 100 thousand gold pieces upon delivery.

Giant Adventuring Inc. Is based out of Bard’s Gate and has been the worlds’ leader in contracts big or small. If you need a dragon slain, a holy relic recovered, an enemy scouted, a drow house overturned, or a dwarf mine collapsed. Giant Adventuring Inc. is the premier company and the best choice for you.

You all work for this company and have worked for this company for 5 or more years. This is a dangerous assignment and in the case of your likely demise death benefits will be delivered to your nearest blood relatives or whomever you specified during your contract signing. Death benefits include a yearly stipend of 1,000gp and medical coverage at one of their many clinics spread throughout the world. In the event of a complete loss of the freelance party, another party will be tasked to finish the mission. The church contract is the highest priority and it is an honor for you to take part in it. If you survive this mission without resurrection you will get paid the 100,000gp and given a plot of land in one of the church’s holdings and allowed to retire with a stipend of 1000gp yearly.

Rumor has it that the church has paid over 10 million gold pieces to the Giant Adventuring Inc. upon delivery of these artifacts.

The Hook

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