Slumbering Tsar


The party returns to the Camp, where the Usurer informs them of a lost item that was in the caravan. It was an item of immense power that the Usurer fears could have dire repercussions for the area.
The Holocaust Stone of Gun’Toa. A stone of pure chaotic energy has found it’s way into the Chaos rift. Deadly, powerful. The party must traverse into the Chaos Rift, recover the stone and return it to the Usurer for safe keeping. The party as been weary of leaving the Ashen Waste, as it had proved deadly enough. If the rumors are true of the deadly nature of the rift, they might have bitten off more than they can chew.

On their way towards the rift they encountered a man on the crossroads who offered the party a wish. Argos, dealing with the guilt of leaving his men back in his temple, wished for his fallen comrades to finally be at peace. A mushroom cloud appeared in the distance in the general location of the Tomb of Argos.

The party continued traveling…as debris rained down.



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