Slumbering Tsar


The party returns to the Camp, where the Usurer informs them of a lost item that was in the caravan. It was an item of immense power that the Usurer fears could have dire repercussions for the area.
The Holocaust Stone of Gun’Toa. A stone of pure chaotic energy has found it’s way into the Chaos rift. Deadly, powerful. The party must traverse into the Chaos Rift, recover the stone and return it to the Usurer for safe keeping. The party as been weary of leaving the Ashen Waste, as it had proved deadly enough. If the rumors are true of the deadly nature of the rift, they might have bitten off more than they can chew.

On their way towards the rift they encountered a man on the crossroads who offered the party a wish. Argos, dealing with the guilt of leaving his men back in his temple, wished for his fallen comrades to finally be at peace. A mushroom cloud appeared in the distance in the general location of the Tomb of Argos.

The party continued traveling…as debris rained down.

By lance, by sword
Sir Martimus

The party after blinding a demon, in their search of cleansing the ashen waste for The Camp, causing it to retreat. Pushed ever onward. Already having purified the graveyard, defeated a wicked Sand crawler, and rescued Argos from his eternal slumber. Argos joined the party, believing that the group was the best natural starting place to rebuild The Army of Light, after their vanishing three hundred years ago.

Traveling through the southern Ashen Waste they begin to work their way through the landscape. A rocky patch of earth, filled with boulders of immense sizes. Presumed to be the remnants of catapults and large siege engines firing from within the walls of Tsar. Suddenly, a rider emerges from behind a boulder. A gaunt man on a skeletal horse lowers his lance. Closes his visors and spurs his steed towards the party. The party didn’t know what them, as the lance struck their strix ally, a powerful wizard named Saban, through his chest and his heart. The mighty arcanist fell to the ground, a lifeless heap.

The party enraged by this, began taking action. The cleric channeled her energies and focused it upon the riders steed, felling the beast in a burst of brilliant light. The mighty Argos, rode beside the rider, now on his own shaking feet and swung his mighty sword at him, landing several grievous wounds. Not to be outdone the paladin, smote him his own powers and began a brilliant assault against their assailant. The rider struck back at Argos with his mighty war pick, and his wounds seemed to open up more as he swung.

Finally, the paladin landed the last blow, killing him. The party recovered his items, buried their friend where he laid, as they had done the others before him. A grim marker, to remind others of the perils of the Ashen Waste. In this gaunt riders pack, they discovered a small mostly ruined journal.

The journal told his name, Sir Martimus of the fifty and one sent to secure the city of Tsar, before the great retreat. No details were found as to why the rider was so far out of the city. It spoke of his suicide attempts, and being forsaken by his god Muir, either that or a cruel trick by Orcus. No details as to what happened to the others in the citadel, no details as to how to get inside the immense gates.

The party was left with more questions, and more bodies to bury.

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